In Southern Califonia and nearby States, a new type of drinking water has been showing up in the stores. It is Solar Rain water, a high-quality drinking water, made ‘straight from the clouds’. In contrast to other bottled water manufacturers,Solar Rain, uses a very special technique to turn ocean water into clean drinking water. Solar Rain emulates nature’s natural hydrologic cycle, turning water from the ocean into clouds by evaporation and back into rainwater, a process different from traditional distillation. This way, Solar Rain makes clouds at low temperatures; they cool down and make rainwater.

The water goes through several cleaning and filtering processes before it ends up in biodegradable bottles, available at stores and restaurants around the east coast of the US. To cut down on CO2, Solar Rain uses solar thermal energy to heat up the water. An 80% of the company’s energy derives from the sun.  In the evaporation process, sea salt is produced as a byproduct and sold alongside the water.

Solar Rain water was born in San Diego, California. The company takes the water from the north coast of the city.  The idea came to the Dane BJ Kjaer, president of Solar Rain, a day when he was out at his organic farm in San Diego. He says: ”One day I was walking through my grove, the sun was shining, the birds were singing, the sprinklers were going and making rainbows everywhere. You get the picture. Except there was the stink of chlorine in the air from the Valley Center tap water that I have to use to water my trees. I said to myself this is crazy, I do all these great things like composts, mulches, minerals, beneficial insects, and then I water my trees with poison. So that started the thought of making a cleaner healthier water. We don’t have any real source of water in California, but we have the ocean.” BJ Kjaer started to develop the idea and to build prototypes. A few years and failed attempts later, he hooked up with Christian Fetterlein, who also originates from Denmark, and together they founded Solar Rain. It took about seven years to build the brand, and several prototypes before BJ and his partner Christian, finally got the perfect result water wise. The prototyping started in 2007, and they launched the company in 2010.

Besides from having a unique and innovative type of water, Solar Rain has also designed their plastic bottles with a unique twist. In contrast to other water bottles, which are round, Solar Rain water is sold in square bottles, a feature that gives it several benefits. “The reason it’s square is that, first of all, it’s not going to role away from you,” explains Christian with a smile. ”It also takes less space on the shelves and in the packing houses. It holds 20% more water than a round bottle,” he explains further. 

The PET1 plastic bottles are BPA and BPS free, so it will not interfere with the consumers’ hormone system. Normally PET1 is not biodegradable but, in the case of Solar Rains bottle, it is. BJ explains: “it is a PET 1 bottle that is recyclable, but we add an organic fatty acid enzyme that attracts microbes to help speed up the bio-degradability. It should be completely gone between nine months up to five years depending on the microbial environment.”

Solar Rain frequently sends the water to independent labs to test it. To know just what you drink on each bottle, there’s a barcode that gives the customer access to information such as when it was made, where it comes from and what nutrients it contains.

Today Solar Rain water is available in stores around Southern California, Arizona, and Nevada. Solar Rain has around 300 accounts in SoCal and at 52 Whole Foods stores, as well as other health food stores and restaurants.

In the future, Solar Rain Water might also be in more places in the US and abroad. ”We hope to build more plants around this country and the world and to turn Solar Rain into a global brand, ”says BJ. ”We are currently looking to open a plant in Mexico, the world’s second largest consumer of bottled water after the United States”.

Solar Rain introduced recently Solar Rain ZERO, distilled water in half liter bottles and one-liter bottles. And recently they introduced Solar Rain NANO, a CBD infused water with d-Ribose, B12, CoQ10 and a pH of 9.5.

Solar Rain water has been on the market for about two years, ”we are still fairly new on the market – still a small fish out there…” but the founders have great plans for expansion and a bright future.