UHTCO, a Canadian supplier of high quality, nutritious natural health and food ingredients and supplements known as ‘superfoods’ from Peru that includes its own brands of natural and certified organic products, has officially launched into Hong Kong and China following the recent Natural & Organic Products Asia 2015, Hong Kong show.

The company believes in good environmental management and conservation of the biodiversity and supports Fair Trade practices, and in having the ancient and traditional superfoods grown and processed in ways that retain and bring out the superior nutritional properties of the foods for your health.

Products and brands include the Peruvian Harvest range of ancient and traditional foods, Maca Pro, Yacon pro, Camu Camu C, Purple Corn C3G, Cacao XP, and Wira Sacha Inchi Omega Oil.

UHTCO, which has a presence in Canada, the US and Europe, has been selling into China for some time and has just launched into Hong Kong with the Peruvian Harvest range, UHTCO president and CEO Jorge Urena, and European manager Markus Pandur said.

At Natural & Organic Products Asia, Hong Kong, Jorge and Markus met with their new distribution partner for China/Hong Kong, Anita S.K. Cheung of i-Detox International Limited, who was appointed after a meeting at the Natural & Organic Products Europe London this April.

The Natural & Organic Products Asia show was held at the Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre, August 26-28.

“Anita and Carmen from i-Detox are considered pioneers of the introduction of (Andean) Superfoods into Hong Kong, and as the distributor will promote and sell UHTCO organic products into Asian markets such as Hong Kong, Macau, the China provinces of Guangdong and Guangzhou, Malaysia and Singapore,” Jorge Urena said.

“The NOPA trade show was definitely a successful show for us, it was busy all the time, every day. People really were interested in quality and pleased about our products, as they had never seen anything like them.

“Overall, we’re happy with the results and reaction of the public. We were visited by many companies from Hong Kong, China, Taiwan and Indonesia, but as well from other parts of the world including Australia, New Zealand and even the US. We obtained very good leads, for sure we anticipate growth and market share increase.”

UTHCO believes there is a good market in China as people are taking more care of their health and consuming better quality foods and beverages. For the last 13 years, UHTCO has focused its efforts on its product differentiation and the main reason it is in business is the top quality, which it said meets its promise. People see that the product works and then they promote the brand by word of mouth.

“Our success comes from our focus on differentiation. The UHTCO organic maca is the highest quality on the market. Our yacon syrup is coloured orange, while others are black,” Mr Urena said, adding that the company’s products are distinguished beyond just organic certification.

Markus Pandur said that there are many consumers that are confused about what organic really means and about GMO foods, but that UHTCO’S customers do really care about quality, and while it’s always hard to explain this to everyone such as the company’s process of making the cacao, some wholesalers and retailers understand this and can promote this difference.

“New entrants to the organic market try and come in and supply at lower prices, but our Peruvian products are not sourced at low prices due to their quality. Some are just after the Vitamin C content but maca has 100 per cent higher Vitamin C content We are supplying the best quality in superfoods such as camu camu. We serve a niche market that looks for products with real high performance.  Our customers love what we do. As a result we have developed loyal and strong relationships that allow us to deliver consistency and they stick with us, Mr Pandur said.

Sales growth year-on-year, for the previous 12 months was 35 to 50 per cent, while for this year so far it is 100 per cent sales growth, not just in price but in volume, Mr Urena added.

And with unique superfood products and ingredients that are minimally processed without additives that cater for consumers ready-to-eat and easy-to-prepare needs, the UHTCO range is assured of a good reception in Asian markets as it has been positioning itself among the most discerning customers.

Natural Products Asia has been a great fair and we are already planning to return in 2016 with our partners from i-Detox. They are well known in this market and we feel they share our commitment for excellence in everything we do,” said Jorge Urena.