The worldwide trend towards organic products and a green lifestyle is also influencing the home care market. However, although this sector has been growing in recent years, it is still lagging behind other organic consumer goods categories such as cosmetics or food. This coming October 20th -21st the first ever international trade conference for organic cleaning and household cleaning products will take place at the Marriott Hotel Champs-Elysées in Paris, France, as is the 7th edition of the EU Sustainable Cosmetics Summit.

An initiative of UK market research firm Organic Monitor, the Sustainable Cleaning Products Summit (SCPS) is the latest event in its line-up of conferences, which also include the Sustainable Food Summits (SFS) in Amsterdam, San Francisco and Sao Paulo and the Sustainable Cosmetics Summits (SCS) in New York, Paris, Hong Kong and Sao Paulo.

Amarjit Sahota of Organic Monitor comments: “Home care brands have been slow to develop green formulations and adopt standards compared to the personal care and food industries. By tackling the major technical and marketing issues in this premier edition of the SCPS, we hope brands will start cleaning up their formulations.”

The two-day summit will kick off with two information sessions. Sustainability & Marketing Update covers the state of the European market for green household products. Besides presentations on market data, trends and developments there will be papers on ethical retailing and green consumer behavior as well as case studies from brands and ingredients companies.

The second session focuses on Green Ingredients. A speaker from the European certification association Ecogarantie will offer an update on the standards for natural and organic home care and there will be a presentation on sustainable surfactants and a case study. The summit also offers two workshops conducted by Organic Monitor: Workshop I will deal with Advances in Green Surfactants & Emulsifiers while the second workshop focuses on Reducing Environmental Impacts.

One brand that has successfully positioned itself as one of the biggest international natural cleansing products is Ecover. The Belgian company is this year’s SCPS keynote. Founded in 1979 its products are distributed in around 40 countries worldwide. Besides household cleaners and washing machine products, the Ecover line-up also includes wellness and home care products in the Wellments range. At the moment, the brand has in Europe two “green” factories in Belgium and Northern France.

Germany is one of the brand’s key markets where Ecover is involved in some sustainable projects, including the Stadtbienen (city bees) initiative started in spring 2015. Honey bees, of which 75% of cultural and crop plants in Europe are dependent, have been dying at an increasing rate since the late 1990s. The reasons for this include monocultures, pesticides and parasites. In Germany, the death rate of honeybees has been around 30% per year. The non-profit urban bee-keeping association Stadtbienen e.V. has been developing a “bee box” to give bee swarms a new home, especially in city areas. In cooperation with several German organic supermarket chains, Ecover helped to raffle off these bee boxes. For further information on the SCPS, visit