In 2016, Vivaness is celebrating its 10thanniversary, and organizer NürnbergMesse is planning some special activities. Germany is the biggest organic beauty market in Europe. No other country has so many organic beauty brands in different price ranges or such a wide distribution in every retail channel than Germany. In 2014, turnover for certified organic cosmetics in the country grew 10% to over 1 billion Euro.

Vivaness has positioned itself as the top and only international trade event for the natural and organic cosmetics sector and has been running parallel to BIOFACH at Nuremberg fairgrounds each February. There will be a new visual design for Hall 7A, the show’s traditional location within the exhibition center, and the annual Vivaness Kongress will take place in a specially constructed conference room right next to the exhibition hall.

Vivaness is also the co-organizer of the annual Natural Cosmetics Conference (Naturkosmetik Branchenkongress), which has become one of the most important dates on the calendar for the organic beauty industry in German-speaking Europe. The first Branchenkongress took place in 2008 as part of the BIOFACH/Vivaness trade show. In 2011, the Conference moved from Nuremberg to Berlin and since then, the event has become steadily more high-profile and international.

Trade publisher Naturkosmetikverlag is the organizer of the Natural Cosmetics Conference. Attendees include trade visitors from beauty brands and companies, certification associations, market research agencies, marketing consultancies, retailers and wholesalers, supermarkets and perfumeries, ingredients suppliers and packaging manufacturers, formulators and R&D specialists, trade journalists and bloggers.

Central topics

Each year, the Conference has a different focus. In 2015, one of the key topics will be the new ISO guideline for natural and organic cosmetics.

Because organic beauty is such a big trend, more and more conventional brands are trying to jump on the bandwagon by launching “green” products or even coming up with their “certificates”. Industry observers fear that the new ISO guidelines might further weaken the distinction between certified organic and “green” cosmetics. At the Natural Cosmetics Conference, lectures and panel discussions will deal with this controversial topic, outlining the pros and cons of the issue and debating how organic beauty manufacturers should handle the situation.

Another theme for discussion at the conference is the thorny issue of certifications. There is a plethora of national and international product certificates, and consumers are confused by the many regional, organic, vegan, kosher or fair trade seals. What is the best way to streamline things and what are the drawbacks of harmonizing distinctive national regulations into a single certificate? The Conference will also feature a special presentation on halal certifications, an increasingly important seal for beauty brands in today’s international marketplace.

Keynotes and lectures

Key note speakers this year include Dr. Ulrich Reinhardt from the BAT Foundation for Future Studies who will speak on the future of retailing. In his lecture, Reinhardt discusses how the consumption patterns of Europeans will change in the future and how the existing retail structures will adapt to these changes.

Christoph Engl from management consultancy Brand Trust is speaking on the challenges facing brands that operate in saturated markets: how can you expand your market share if countless competitors are crowding into the same sector? One solution is to emphasize a brand’s value rather than its price. Making consumers desire the brand is more important than making it famous.

Alina Scheinker from market researcher Euromonitor International will speak on trends in the global beauty market while Wolfgang Adlwarth from German consumer market research company Gfk is discussing how modern consumption veers between pleasure and responsibility. In today’s retail environment brands have to walk a tightrope between projecting authenticity and at the same time, offer their consumers an exciting brand experience.

The conference program also includes presentations, lectures and discussion panels on topics such as gender marketing, organic and luxury cosmetics, retail trends, and social media communication. The event will provide detailed facts and statistics on the German and international organic cosmetics markets.

A special panel will debate the question of what today’s modern organic customer expects from a brand. What do organic beauty brands have to offer to these well-educated and committed consumers? And, even more importantly, is there still room for improvement?

Another discussion will give an overview of the organic beauty markets in Germany’s direct neighbor countries Austria and Switzerland. Despite the fact that Germany, Austria and parts of Switzerland share a common language base consumers in these three countries think and act quite differently.

Social events

Each year, the organizers of the Conference also offer a Berlin Trend Retail Tour, which visits the city’s most innovative beauty retailers and organic cosmetics stores. And on the evening of the first conference day is the Branchenkongress’ traditional Meet & Greet social event for all participants.

The Natural Cosmetics Conference (Naturkosmetik Branchenkongress) will take place from 6th-7thOctober 2015 at the Ellington Hotel in Berlin, Germany. The Trend Retail Tour is scheduled for 5th October from 2 pm to 6 pm. The Congress languages are English and German with simultaneous translation.