Scandinavian-based New Nordic has begun selling the first organic fish oil capsule in the world this year. Produced in Denmark, it was first launched in that country in March under the brand Dansk Ørred™ and as Nordic Fish Oil™ elsewhere. Karl Kristian Bergman Jensen and Marinus Blaabjerg Sørensen founded the company in 1990. Since then, New Nordic has built a global reputation and success with its large variety of food supplements including red krill oil and EYEQ fish oil that do not carry organic certification.  More than 50,000 outlets in 50 countries around the world sell their products. So when consultant Henrik Uth, suggested last year they should add organic fish oil to the product line, it was a natural and swift course of action.

New Nordic was able to source the certified organic fish from a rainbow trout farm in Denmark that invested in a particular processing plant for cold pressing fish oil from the fish already being farmed for fillets.  In contrast to most other fish oils on the market, New Nordic’s organic fish oil is cold pressed shortly after the fish have been taken from the water and is not heated or mixed with any chemicals.

This more natural process results in a combination of fatty acids that reflect what is naturally found in the fish, including a wider spectrum of fatty acids and a lower, unaltered content of the essential fatty acids EPA and DHP. To preserve the oil and protect it from turning rancid, New Nordic uses organic rosemary, which has been approved by the EU as a preservative.

The main challenge was to create a fish oil capsule that was both organic and capable of containing liquids, something that has not been done before, explained Bergman Jensen, New Nordic CEO. The capsules are made using organic vegetable ingredients, and will soon be available in other Nordic countries, the EU, and Canada.

We’ve just launched it as fast as possible because we think it is a good product,” stated Bergman Jensen. While other products have been launched on a detailed plan and marketing budget, it was different with the organic fish oil, he explained. “There are some products where you just have a good gut feeling about it.”

New Nordic has it headquarters in Malmö, Sweden, home of the young fair Natural Products Scandinavia that takes place parallel to Nordic Food in November. The firm’s production, logistics and quality control are in Roskilde, Denmark. The company has a dynamic workforce of around 40 employees.

Besides attending the fair in Malmö New Nordic will also be present at this year’s Natural Products Expo East in Baltimore and the CHFA in Toronto.